When we cooperate, everyone wins.

More than ever, the call to be in service of creating the New Earth is felt. We like to be in service through supporting, connecting and empowering people and projects. We do this in several ways. From helping to fund projects financially through donations, till bringing people together. We support through the process of creation.

We strongly believe in the power of co-creation. Helping each other is the way to go! We exist together as one human tribe on this beautiful planet. Uniting forces adds power to our undertakings, and also makes them more fun. So how do we co-create?

We believe everyone has something to offer, whether in the form of knowledge, materials, money, our stories – or one of the infinite other ways we can contribute. Together, we create the world we live in.

We are co-creating through offering:
Support - We want to help co-create projects that fit our vision of the New Earth. We can support financially, through gained knowledge and wisdom, sharing our unique talents and gifts in many different ways and by profiding a field where your project can be shared and therefore reach out to the wider world.
Connection - We see lot's of power and possibilites arrising in connecting people and projects from different or the same area's. The Flower of Light Foundations network is growing everyday, and so we are happy to share our contacts.
Empowerment - Following our true hearts desire is beautiful and also not always easy. Therefore we want to create a space of empowerment through one on one sessions, circle meetings or any other ways of contact that are beneficial and nurturing towards the beautiful seeds for the New Earth.

Currently we are working on a supportive and empowering telegram group. This group is for heart-driven leaders that want to feel held and empowered in a powerful container. In this group you will receive the support from members of our foundation and also here we can support and hold each other. There is so much power in doing it together!


The support that the foundation offers is donation based. Next to this we also highlight our team members on the team's webpage. They all also offer their personal skills individually and you can contact them to get in touch and get more information about their work.

Please contact us for more information.

Like shared before, we believe in co-creation.  How can you be in service? What do you want to give?Our mission can be supported in different ways.

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Financial support

Monetary gifts are really important to realize our goals and therefore very welcome. 
Whether big or small, all is very appreciated.


Maybe you don't have money to support us but you know someone who could? Forwarding this website is also major support.


You can choose to either support the foundations aim in general, or provide a financial contribution for a specific project we support.

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Get involved

Are you someone or do you work on a project that fits our New Earths vision? Then connecting might be a beautiful next step so we can see how we can support each other.
You can get also involved in other ways. For example when it comes to knowledge sharing, volunteering, specialist support or any other creative form of help that fits our mission is very welcome. We are looking for people that would like to join our New Earth Network Team too! 
Please send us an e-mail if you feel you could contribute to the Flower of Light in any way.


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Spread the light

Believing is seeing. It's very welcome that when you believe in us and our vision that you spread the word.

Help us by spreading our vision and this website with whomever pops up in you. Trust your intuition.

Thank you very much!!