This page gives an overview of the projects we currently (want to) assist. If you want to support these projects, please get in touch with us. Also if you are working on a project yourself and would like to work together in someway, please don't hesitate and contact us to see in what way we can assist and grow together.

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Heart Based Learning for children

Children are and always will be the future. It’s important, therefore, that we support and encourage them to discover and develop their unique gifts and talents. By offering children a safe and loving environment in which to learn – at their own pace, free from the pressure of competition and exams – children are empowered to discover and strengthen their intrinsic drive to learn. New Earth Schools are flexible and adaptive to the needs of the children. They also understand that most of life’s learning occurs outside of a school context, in the ‘school of life’ that we’ve all already signed up to. 

We want to support these new heart based learning projects in different ways. We want to help set up the project by arranging a good place to start setting up the space, connecting the right people to the project, and also very important: attract financial support to physically manifest it. All of this will help the project to arise. With the financial support the facilitators can hold space for the blossoming children in a healthy environments connected with nature, accompanied with inspiring eco materials. 

Do you want to support this project? You can contact us through e-mail:

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Regenerative Neighbourhood & Community

This will be a beautiful regenerative neighbourhood & community in the surroundings of Sao Luis, Portugal. This area of Portugal, which is located in the south-west, is attracting more and more free-spirited people from over the entire world. Many projects are starting here and a beautiful Alentejo community is therefore already created. The community we are starting here will provide  private places to live to begin with, communal buildings, focusses on land regeneration and

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Creative Art & Meeting Center

SOULFULL is a project that focusses on connection, co-creation and the expression of creativity. It will be a space in the beautiful village of Sao Luis that invites people of the community to come together and share. A place where people and ideas come together is immensely powerful and creates deep bonds that are needed to grow into even deeper levels of togetherness. Soon you can read more here. 

everything it needs to live in a self-sustainable way and also focus on working together with the local environment. This means exchanging services, producing local goodies and supporting each other in other ways. Soon you can read more here.

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Research & Education

A beautiful and important way to contribute to the New Earth is by doing research and by sharing this knowledge & wisdom. Where some people love to dive into gathering information about different type of area’s (for example regeneration, permaculture, sociocracy, schools of children, healing work) others learn rather through practice and trial and error and some by observing. All these aspects of research are equally important and let us use our resources in a sustainable way.

The projects we assist can take on different kind of forms. Examples of projects we’re assisting and co-creating with are regenerative communities, heart-based learnng for children, retreat and healing spaces, providing natural and eco-friendly materials, new innovative ways of living, new technology, natural building, creativity and many more. 

Would you like to start working together and unite forces? Let's get in touch!

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