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Our foundation is registering for an ANBI status. ANBI is short in Dutch for 'Algemeen nut beoogende instelling'. This means 'An institution that pursues a common cause'. Therefore it is a non-profit organization. All gifts and profits are used to (re-)invest in the Foundation's goal.

Dutch citizens and companies can deduct from income tax/venture tax! please read the: belastingdienst site.  Perodic gifts are more favorable. We use the standard form from the Dutch government; See here.

For foreign gifts: please make sure to ask your local accountant for tax benefits. You can always contact us too - we are here to help.


We believe that being transparant serves the common goal. No secrets or taboos.

See document below for more information. ​


Policy / financial plan 2020 - 2023 (DUTCH)

ANBI status: PENDING, - check here

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